The Role Of An Agent In The Big Data Age

I constantly ask myself what my value proposition is as a real estate agent.  Quite a few websites are giving home owners standard packages to market their properties on their own.  With the click of a button, sellers can order photographers and have the internet post these pictures to a supposedly wide audience.  On the flip side, I recently brought a buyer to a new development, only to find out that the developer would not work with a buyer’s agent.

I feel this is almost the same question I ask myself as an individual: how much internet is good for me?  How much face-to-face social interaction could be replaced by the hours spent behind the screen?  I do not know the exact answer but my belief is that the digital world is the starting point of many relationships today.  However in order for the relationships to deepen and nourish our lives, the old school sit-down-for-a-coffee moments have to be there.  I think the same for my profession.  Home-buying is a highly emotional experience.  The age of big data gives us a great variety of tools to get the facts across to a worldwide audience instantaneously.  But as an agent, it is up to me to have a plan to give each property its best “personality”.  It is also up to me to emotionally connect the property with its right owners.

There is no doubt that this changing world is asking for a very different agent from even just 5 years ago.  Today I am creating and connecting, digitally and personally.

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